A Letter From Air Alliance Houston, Following ITC Fire

Dear Partners and Friends,
This morning we woke up to learn that the entire City of Deer Park has been issued a shelter in place due to hazardous levels of benzene, schools are closed, and highways have been shut down. Now, the shelter-in-place has been extended to the City of Galena Park. This is not normal.
We are aware of, and share, the health and safety concerns raised by the recent fire at the Intercontinental Terminals Company’s (ITC) Deer Park facility and the accompanying air pollution. Our community has, once again, witnessed an unacceptable incident that has placed the health and safety of many at risk. Fortunately, we are also seeing increased attention directed at our region’s air quality challenges, with a growing amount of voices calling for stricter environmental regulation and tougher action to protect our air, and our health. While the fire has been extinguished, concerns about air quality and the possibility of similar events occurring in the future remain. In light of this, I wanted to inform you about the activities we at Air Alliance Houston have been undertaking over the past few days to address the incident and to pressure policy makers to act on air pollution and hold facilities accountable.
Full AAH Letter: https://conta.cc/2JrrluY