In a show of appreciation, Beach City council recognized two people for their efforts in helping to stop a dredging project that would have dumped tens of thousands of cubic yards of material in their backyard. 

Beach City Mayor Jackey Lasater read two separate resolutions Tuesday night congratulating both Greg Moss, a Channelview citizen, and Jacquelyn Young, director of Texas Health and Environment Alliance. After council’s unanimous approval, the two received plaques engraved with thankful words from folks at the city. 

Lasater said Young and Moss were instrumental in getting Holtmar Land to terminate its application for the project. The application called for the dredging over 31,000 cubic yards of material from a 3.58-acre area near the San Jacinto River Waste Pits for the development of a barge terminal. Holtmar Land was proposing to dump the material on a 3-acre tract of land on McCollum Park Road. 

“They played an integral part in our fight against Holtmar Land that wanted to drain dredge material and place it in Beach City,” Lasater said. “I cannot mention everybody who stepped up to the plate since we had so many people that helped. But the town rallied around the cause and did a great job.”

Lasater said many collected signatures and wrote letters, which helped put an end to the prospect of dredge material being dumped in Beach City. 

“It was very impressive, and this made me proud to be a citizen of Beach City,” Lasater said. “But none of it would have taken place if it weren’t these two people, who brought it to our attention.”

Lasater said Moss was one of the few who notified the city about the dredging plan because of the application turned in by Holtmar Land. 

“We were not notified,” Lasater said. “He also notified Jackie Young and got the ball rolling. If it wasn’t for him, we’d be fighting them with their dump trucks with the dredge already in the street.”

Lasater said the city was also able to avoid a lengthy and expensive legal battle thanks to Moss and Young. 

Young, Lasater said, was informed by Moss and she, in turn, spoke to former Chambers County Pct. 4 Commissioner Rusty Senac.

“This helped put wheels in motion to get project canceled,” Lasater said. 

Young was gracious in her acceptance of Beach City’s appreciation.

“It is really wonderful to take the time to recognize our work,” Young said. “It is more often you find people who would like to complain, so to have people thanking us is really nice. Without our residents being as active as they are, we wouldn’t have been able to get something done on this. I am thankful for the recognition and for the people of Beach City who rallied with us.”

Both Young and Moss were also presented with a basket with bottles of wine and gift cards.