Over six years ago our CEO, Jackie Young-Medcalf set out to start a movement that would educate and equip people who have suffered like her and her family have.  She didn’t know where to turn to or who could help her when she suspected that there was something wrong with the land her family lived on. 

Her premonition was right when she discovered what no doctor could as the source to her multiple seizures, her father’s cancer, and her animal deaths – the heavy metals in the water source.

It was then that Jackie was alarmed by the fact that no government environmental entities had sent a letter or came to knock on their door to let the community know of the toxins in the environment that had contaminated their water source. 

She took the wheel to become the resource for families, while representing hundreds of thousands of voices to governmental agencies. Today, THEA celebrates 5 years of protecting your public health, Houston. We will always be here for you.