Collecting Data is Crucial to Safeguarding Public Health

Health Is Wealth

We collect data to help protect your health by pinpointing what you’re dealing with. Communities near Superfund Sites are especially important to us as we need precise insight to confirm if the environment is affecting your health.

More Than Cancer

When we first started our work we only had the cancer registry to rely on. Through our own data collection we are able to understand the other illnesses that can be caused by toxins in your environment such as autoimmune disease, infertility, skin lesions, among many other illnesses.

Your Data Helps Our Tool Chest

When it comes to applying for grants, the data you share with us confirms the necessity of our work in your area. We intend to build on our success of activating the cleanup of toxic waste at the source. To do this we need your help, please take our two minute survey.

About The Health Survey

We conduct ongoing surveys to better advocate to government agencies for the protection of public health. This helps gauge precise solutions to maintain the health and well-being of Houston communities.

Community Health Survey


Your donations keep our boots on the ground doing the important advocacy that keeps your environment safe and your family healthy.
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