We keep you informed about hazardous waste sites in your community.

At THEA we know that pollution in Houston is a problem, and safeguarding the environment is our primary objective. As a rule we focus on environmental contamination negatively impacting the air, water, and soil in our own backyard.

From your doorstep to the steps of our nation’s capital, we work to make sure you and your environment are safe and not an afterthought.


A Superfund Site is a location where toxic waste has been dumped, left unattended, or is being improperly managed. Because these sites exist, we work to resolve environmental contamination through community and government collaboration. Safe cleanup of toxic waste areas is our number one priority.


Surprisingly, there are over two dozen Superfund Sites in the Houston area. As a result, we’re actively engaged to ensure health is at the forefront of local and national government officials agendas. One way we make this happen is through surveying communities across the Houston region and coordinating with various health agencies to monitor disease rates.


Water contamination is an invisible killer that enters our homes without detection. Incidentally, this is a reality that THEA knows too closely, and one that we simply cannot accept. Read our Founder’s story to learn about the sad reality of pollution in Houston and the experience that launched our organization.

We are dedicated to keeping you informed about the environment and water quality in your neighborhood. Learn more about our programs and how you can get involved.

For decades paper mill wastes contaminated the San Jacinto River. Take a look at the milestones we’ve achieved to remedy the situation.

A local dry cleaner’s waste poisoned the environment off of Jones Road for over 20 years. Learn about our efforts to clean up the Jones Road Ground Water Plume Superfund site.

Historical Contamination and environmental injustices have plagued the Greater Fifth Ward communities for far too long.


Join our team at an upcoming talk or town hall.

Jun 2022
14 June 2022

Cypress Community Coalition Meeting

Join us for important updates about the Jones Road Superfund Site! Register HERE.

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28 June 2022

Northeast Houston Coalition Meeting

Join THEA and IMPACT for the Northeast Houston Meeting. To attend virtually, register HERE.

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Jul 2022
12 July 2022
San Jacinto Community Center, 604 Highland Woods Drive
Highlands, TX 77562 United States
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San Jacinto River Coalition Meeting

Join us in-person or virtually for the San Jacinto River Coalition Meeting. In-Person Location: San Jacinto Community Center, 604 Highlands Woods Dr., Highlands, TX 77562 To attend virtually, Register HERE

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Every drop of water counts. So does every donation.

Your support goes directly toward the fight to remove toxic materials from the San Jacinto River, Jones Road, and Greater Fifth Ward communities. Additionally, it gives us the resources to survey health and educate local communities in Houston and surrounding areas. Support us by donating today!


Join our team at an upcoming talk, community event, or town hall.